Data Science and Analytics

Data Science and Analytics: Big Data is at the heart of what we do

Data is everywhere and increasing exponentially every minute of the day. The ability to analyze and interpret your data into actionable intelligence is critical in order to win in today’s environment. 

QUICK SNAPSHOT Zachary Piper Solutions has significant experience designing, and managing highly-technical analytical programs that involve:

Data Ingestion

Computational Linguistics


Algorithm Development


Database Construction



Analysis & Predictive Analytics

  • Big Data Video Storage and Retrieval System

    Zachary Piper Solutions was selected by a confidential customer for our expertise in building, storing and accessing (retrieval) massive full-motion video files across a variety of formats. Our expertise in this arena includes: software and hardware architecture, software engineering, applications development, configuration management, test, deployment, and final deployment of both a hardware and software solution at the field level.


    Cyber Genome Program: Zachary Piper Solutions provides algorithm development, leveraging novel machine learning and data visualization methodologies. Our work has resulted in a web application to help users make better sense of malware at scale. This technology has been selected for presentation at Black Hat 2014:

  • Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid

    Zachary Piper Solutions supported the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) in Baltimore, MD, partnering with a global leader in Business Intelligence software to provide technical architecture, design and implementation. CMS used SAS tools to create the PAYment by Geographic Area (PAYGAR) system, a custom Business Intelligence application for visualizing and exploring data with a geographic component. PAYGAR is a joint effort between the Consolidated Data Analysis Center (CDAC), a division of the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG), and CMS. The SAS Enterprise BI server is used at CMS in three different environments: development, validation, and production. Following CMS lifecycle, the application was created in a development environment and then passed to the business owner (CDAC) for verification in [the] validation environment. The resources deployed by Zachary Piper enhanced the ability of CMS to execute its mission of implementing SAS analytics into their PAYGAR system, significantly reducing overhead cost and decreasing cycle time.

  • Department of Commerce, US Census Bureau

    Zachary Piper Solutions supports the US Census Bureau in Lanham, MD expanding their use of SAS data analytics and complex statistical programming, providing key personnel experienced in their highly technical server environment. The resources deployed are specialized in the SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence suite and Visual Analytics. The US Census Bureau’s Management Information Systems (MIS) branch used SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence, to link databases directly, avoiding the need to manually pull data from disparate databases in order to create manual reports. The small changed significantly increased efficiency and allowed direct access to information from a single portal. ZPS implemented standardized code generation provided by SAS for data integration (DI) allowing for code reviews significantly reducing contractor headcount due to the use of freeform coding. The resources deployed by Zachary Piper increased the efficiency of the Bureau to collect and enhance the value of their data, making SAS the benchmark tool in preparation for the 2020 census.

  • Social Security Administration

    Zachary Piper Solutions supports the Social Security Administration in Baltimore, MD, deploying key personnel providing technical programming and analysis support.

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